1995–Ink Drawing on a LARGE Sawblade

Before 1992, we ran a decorative wood products business in California for almost three years, before both David and I returned to working for other people (for various reasons).

In late 1992, we decided we wanted move to Washington (the state, not the U.S. capital).

The sawblade itself, came from one of the places David worked after we moved there–Crane Creek Cedar Corp. in Quinault, WA. When the blades could no longer be sharpened, he would gather them and bring them home for us to use as surfaces on which to draw or paint.

It took him quite a while to finish this large project. For a while, then, it hung on the wall at our Aberdeen, Washington home. Then we packed up and moved again–in March 2009–to the NE corner of South Dakota. The blade had to be left in my sister’s workshop (she lives about 35 miles from where we are now), until we had space to hang it again. After we moved here to the farm in June 2015, we’d been saying we’d go get it and display it here, but it wasn’t until the end of September 2019 that David finally brought it home in order to hang it on the wall directly behind (and slightly above) the desktop where my computer was located at the time. My computer is in an entirely different room, now, but the picture quite happily still resides on that wall in the general family computer room (HOORAY!!!).

David took this picture, and I added captions to it to display it here and in the Header Gallery.

As you can see from the captions on the side borders of the photo, David pulled different parts of the scene from either his memory or from photographs he had previously taken. The bridge in the background is Deception Pass Bridge, which you can read about by clicking this link (it’s the part of the double bridge that is on the right in the article at the link).

To see a photo of one of my OWN painted sawblades (in a new tab), you can click THIS link.

On this copy of the photo he took when he hung the blade on the wall, I’ve added the basic facts. You can click THIS link, to get a close-up view (in a new tab).

Oh! I almost forgot! Be sure to look closely enough to count how many deer there are in the drawing! (grin)

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