A Package for My Granddaughter

This is a newborn-size sweater I recently designed and just finished knitting (by hand) for my upcoming fourth great-grandchild (due sometime in November 2018). My granddaughter has been told the baby will be a girl. I had a little problem with those shoulders. It’s been a long time since I’ve designed anything but raglan sleeves (see Sweater #2). The sleeves will be fine, but next time I’ll do better!

The little slippers were crocheted in early 2017 by my daughter Judi, for her own upcoming daughter, who is now 17 months old. Judi forgot that she had made them, and Abigail never wore them. So…they are getting shipped to Caitlin, for her little one, sometime this coming week, along with the sweater and blanket shown below this one, and a couple of other little secondhand clothing items.

This next sweater is also handknit. It’s not my design, but I altered it slightly to be the way I wanted it. It’s knit in one piece, from the top down, using a combination of straight, circular, and double-point needles. It was pretty easy, and only took a few days to finish, even with the short time I had available last week.

The little blanket was quickly done on my Ultimate Sweater Machine (which utilizes a hand carriage, and no electricity). I used some leftover “Plush” Yarn (a discontinued line by Red Heart) that makes a very, very soft garment, but it’s quite hard to knit with, whether it’s by hand or on the machine. The edging is done in the same yarn, in two rows of half-double crochet.

5 Replies to “A Package for My Granddaughter”

  1. Thank you, Melody! I still have to do the last finishing bits on the little blanket, and then I will post the picture and get the package sent off to Miss Caiti! 🙂

  2. Sooooo cute!! Brings back memories of you teaching me to crochet and knit (though I’ve never gone anywhere with that). 🙂

    1. You may never have gone anywhere with that, but you did make a fantastic quilt for Mom!

      You should take some pictures of that, and write the story.

      Also, poetry! I’m making you an author, so that when you’re ready, and all the categories and pages are in place, you can add some of your stuff!

      Notice that there’s a photography category…it will also have a page, soon. Can you think of two someones who would have some input there? 😉

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