Pansies Squared

Copyright 2006–Linda A. Wingfield

I created this pattern in August of 2006, while I was still working on converting Judi’s pixel art into cross stitch patterns. This one wasn’t her design, though. It was totally mine. It began with this photo of a pansy that David took. I loved the colors, and since I was working with the DigiStitch software anyway (the company has since gone out of business), I decided to do a stylized version of the flower, using the colors in the photo as the basis.

The photo was already digital, since we had been using a couple of Olympus digital cameras since the late 1990s. So all I had to do to get the color palette made, was take the photo into PaintShop Pro, crop it, and then begin selecting the colors that I wanted to use, to make a custom palette for the software. After that, it was easy to match those colors up with the DigiStitch palette, because both programs work with either the RGB colors or the HTML codes. Once the palette was set, then all I had to do was choose which DMC floss colors matched the palette the best. Even then (and more so, now) the DMC color range is so very large, that that really is never a problem.

After getting the palette set, I simply made an offset square pixel pattern in DigiStitch, by painting in the selected floss colors, and voila! Done!

When I started stitching the pattern, I chose 18-count ivory-colored AIDA from the Everything Cross Stitch website. I have since wished that I’d chosen to stitch the pattern a little larger. I like it, but the colors would have “popped” a bit better in, perhaps, a 14-count size. At any rate, the piece is still incomplete, but now that I’m writing about it and publishing the pattern here, I’m hoping that I’ll get myself back into it over the next couple of weeks. After the stitching is complete, it will probably become a framed wall-hanging, since it’s so small it won’t really lend itself to much else…unless I were to split it into three pieces and perhaps have David make me a set of three coasters to encase them…hmmm…

Below, I’m adding links so that you can download the .pdf files of all three of the slightly different flowers that will end up on this piece in the end. Each flower has exactly the same border. The only changes are the centers of the flowers, as you’ll see by the image files below the download links, that illustrate what you’ll find in the .pdf files. (You do not need to download those images…they are contained in the .pdf file, along with all of the palette information…the same legend for each file.)

Download the .pdf for Pansies Squared-Pattern A

Pansies Squared-A (Copyright 08/30/2006–Linda A. Wingfield)

Download the .pdf for Pansies Squared-Pattern B

Pansies Squared-B (Copyright 08/30/2006–Linda A. Wingfield)

Download the .pdf for Pansies Squared-Pattern C

Pansies Squared-C (Copyright 08/30/2006–Linda A. Wingfield)

Pansies Squared–DMC Floss Legend (Copyright 08/30/2006–Linda A. Wingfield)

I’ll upload a photo of the finished piece (that includes all three squared pansies), as soon as I complete it.

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