New Post Test


I have just pulled up a New Post form, and am writing this as a test, to show that once it’s saved, it actually does show up on the “New Posts” Page as it should.

BTW…I am reformatting everything I write by changing the font with which I type any Post or Page, to Comic Sans, 8pt. I figured out how to get those options into the form in the buttons above the blank, but I haven’t yet figured out how to change the default to be that font.

No worries if you don’t do that…I’ll take care of it later.

Oh! You can either choose the only category left (at the right…or below, if you are on your phone), which is “Uncategorized,” or you can just not choose it, and that’s where it will go. Either way, I’ll figure out which “category” (menu area) to use, when I reorganize each day.

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