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IMPORTANT NOTICE about the Neighborly SimsCraft website/forum. I’ve let that domain go, and nobody is able to access http://www.neighborlysimscraft.com. In case you knew that I’m now running this new website and would like to have something that was formerly downloadable from NSC, you may ask me to upload it it here for you, by using my CONTACT FORM, and I’ll be happy to do so. I don’t have everything, but I have probably 90% of the formerly downloadable content (including all of Hillcrest’s TS2 and TS3 creations) on my own computer.

I am 70 years old, a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian, one of five siblings (only three of us currently remain), married (to my “second-and-forever” husband David) for 36 years, mother of six (one = his; four = mine; one = ours; all = adults with their own children), grandmother of 20, great-grandmother of four; and aunt to a number of humans, dogs and assorted other animals (including chickens).

David and I live on a small (8.5-acre) hobby farm in NE South Dakota, U.S., with our youngest daughter Judi, her husband Harry Jr., and their seven children (Ethan, Harry III, Isaiah, Michael, Elizabeth, Wesley, and Abigail…ranging from 14 down to just under two). There are also about 150 chickens, six geese, four guineas (poultry, not little furry animals) and 11 cats presently living here. Oh…and on or around January 30, 2020, Judi and Harry’s 8th child (another boy–Eliel) will arrive.

The header image for this site randomly changes from time to time (it will change every time you go to another page). The images will always be photographs taken here at the farm (or nearby), copyrighted by one of us living here at the farm. You can view all of the photographs, here.

I have been called a “Renaissance Woman” a number of times, and have a large variety of hobbies, interests, and skills. On this site, I (and some guest authors–family and friends–from time to time) will be sharing some of those with you, in one form or another.

I’m a YouTuber. My channel is Grandma’s Gone Gaming. You’ll find out a little about that endeavor (and a direct link to my channel) on the Grandma’s Gone Gaming page (see the Top Menu).

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As a creator, I like to support other creators that I highly admire–some who make wonderful music, and one who makes my gaming time more fun–all who make great videos for YouTube, and who also keep their content very “family-friendly.” If you hover over the word Home on the Top Menu, you’ll find my page that will tell you about the artistic groups that I support in my very small way. I would like to encourage you all to check out Patreon to help people like this, as well–not necessarily the same ones I do, though that would be great, but the ones you admire yourselves. At some point in time, both Judi and I may start Patreon accounts (or a joint one). We’ll let you know if/when we do. 😉

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Whistles for D. Lynn

D…here are a couple of whistles for you. 😉 “Goodnight Irene”(one of my dad’s very favorite songs, when I was growing up…I used to think it was “Goodnight I Ring”)… “Amazing Grace”… I don’t have a good mic for doing music…just my headset mic with which I record my gaming videos. It has no way …

Owl Handmade With Love

I watch a music Reactor named Sam (Bruddah Sam), on YouTube. His wife Jenn makes very lovely crocheted items for sale. Here’s a link to her site: @OwlHandmadeWithLove I hope you’ll check out her page, and maybe buy something from her.


Just went and voted. COLD outside…brrr…snowed lightly sometime before we left (about 7:30 AM), then snowed very lightly just as we got home about 45 minutes later (we only live about 5 minutes from our polling place). It’s 29 degrees F. right now…brrr!


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